Democrat Party Leaders

Democrat Speaker of the house - Nancy Pelosi

Freshman Democrat from Michigan - Vulgar, no Grace,  totally aligned with the Democrats - (Advise not to view this with children in the room)

Freshman Democrat Face of the party - Raised in the one percent elite, non diverse community but promoted phony backround to get elected. 

Maxine Waters - (Allegedly Advocates Violence) - Chairwomen of the house Banking Committee. Also allegedly involved in banking scandal. LINK.

Adam Schiff (Alleged Sexual Abuser)- Democrat Chairman on the Intelligence Committee,  note the word Intelligence needs to be used loosely in relation to Adam Schiff.

The house has paid out and is gearing up to pay out millions to protect Democrat Congressmen and Women who are caught sexually abusing their partners- LINK

If you are a Democrat and concerned - WALK AWAY

Leading Democrat Presidential Candidate for 2020 (Under 75 years old)

President Donald J Trump is President despite the Democrat Handwringing

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